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  • C i r c u m s t a n c e


    My objective is to record both the commonplace and extraordinary episodes that take place on our city streets. The heated discussions, the looks of disdain, or maybe even unexpected displays of frailty or intimacy. The resulting images are unposed and each projects its own unique narrative.

    What is street photography?

    Street photography is capturing the moment; the mini-dramas played out in our public spaces. The photographer recognises and reacts to events taking place - both the mundane and remarkable behaviour of others - in everyday urban situations. The action is arbitrary and immediate and doesn't allow for re-runs.

  • B a l a n c e

  • R e f l e c t i o n

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    The shape

    Between the louvres and through the condensation you can see the vague figure of a man outside.

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    A female silhouette strolls through the frame of a sash window.

  • I n t i m a c y

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    Up or down?

    Becoming part of art

    We see a stairwell, adorned with the work of Sol LeWitt, in which two men bring form and scale to their abstract surroundings.

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    Exit stage right

    Beauty and the beast

    Somehow the shadowy figure seems unmoved by the image of Grace Kelly; possibly the worlds most beautiful woman. 

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    Underground movement

    The bronx, rush hour

    A seemingly random group of travellers wait - with varying degrees of patience - on a New York subway platform.